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About Us
Hebei Baiyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Hebei Baiyu Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1995. the company is a professional high-tech enterprises engaged in the design, production of large-scale modern poultry equipment.

The company integrates product development, engineering design, manufacturing, installation and service.

The main products include: chicken cage(layer chicken cage, broiler chicken cage, chick chicken cage), automatic feeding system equipment(silo, automatic feeding machine, feed mill), automatic egg picking system, broiler processing equipment, automatic environmental ventilation(ventilation fan, wet curtain, controller), automatic drinking water equipment, Sewage disposal equipment and so on.

Hebei Baiyu Technology Co., Ltd set up the foreign trade department in 2008. then we start service African, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. Up to now we cooperate with the customers from these place more almost 10 years.

Strict Quality Control

The company has a large plant base with self-contained establishments, abundant technical power and rich experiment in design and manufacture. The company has two modern production plants, a total area of 21,000 square meters, The province's market share and sales revenue is among the best in the domestic industry for many years.

Design for Free
Design For Free

We supply the chicken house design for free.

If you want to start the poultry business or extend your farm, you can contact us, we will give you some suggestion and design the chicken house for you for free.

Visiting Our Factory

Welcome you to come to visit our factory.

If you are interested in our products, welcome you to visit our factory any time.


The purchasing department has a strict procurement regulation ensure the quality of raw materials. The quality department inspects each batch of incoming raw materials before production.


Selected to test the quality characteristics, Application of statistical process control sampling, observing data fluctuations, Take improvement measures to keep the process stable, To achieve the purpose of ensuring product quality


We have enough storage in the warehouse. After you order our products, we will pack and ship in short time.


We provide free consultant service about poultry farming and our products. We can arrange engineers to your farm for service site if you need.

Contact Us
  • Mobile: +86 151 3165 1019
  • Whatsapp: +86 151 3165 1019
  • Skype: +86 151 3165 1019
  • E-mail: sales@chinachickenfarm.com
  • Office Add.: Building 12, No.92, Zhaiying South Street, Shijiazhuang City, China

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