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How to feed the laying hens

Apr 05 , 2018

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Feed the chicken early in the morning

Because chickens do not like to eat in the morning, they often do not produce egg production peaks at about 10 o'clock in the morning, and delaying the birth of raw eggs will inevitably affect the formation of eggs the next day. Therefore, it is necessary to feed the chicken early in the morning.

Feed green feed at noon

At noon time, the egg production period has passed. At this time, feed more green feed and minerals to supplement the chicken's vitamins.Laying chickens can rest for a while.

Feeding enough at night

At night, the chicken move little and it is the time of the formation of eggs., after one day,the chicken tired, the chickens need a certain amount of energy. Moreover, the appetite of chickens at this time is particularly strong. Chicken feed and water should be guaranteed as much as possible.

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