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How to choose the location of the chicken farm

Apr 03 , 2018

How to choose the location of the chicken farm

The site selection should satisfy the following conditions as far as possible,

1. Terrain: high terrain, dry and flat, good ventilation, sunny and windward.

2. About water, The quality of the water source is related to operation, life, and construction. It is necessary to understand whether the water source is adequate and the water quality is good. Water quality should be measured includes the following indicators: pH, hardness, transparency, presence of sources of pollution, and hazardous chemicals. 

Calculate the water supply capacity of the proposed site. 

The water quality standards should meet people's public health drinking water standards.

3. Climatic factors: Understand the climate meteorological data, temperature, wind force, wind direction, and severe weather that are related to architectural design and affect the microclimate of chicken farms.

4. Environmental outbreak: The environment of the proposed site and the nearby veterinary epidemic prevention conditions are the key factors affecting the success or failure of the chicken farm. They should not expand or build the farm on the old chicken farm as much as possible.

Chicken farm location,

1. Layer farms should be built in the suburbs, 20-50 kilometers from the city is appropriate, if it is too far from city, the cost of the transport will be high.

2. Breeding farm,  The breeding farm should be more than 2 kilometers away from the layer farm.

3. Chicken farms should be far away from railways, traffic arteries, and places frequented by vehicles. The distance should be more than 400 meters, and there should be a distance of 100-200 meters from the secondary road.

4. Chicken farm should be 500 meters away from residential areas.

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