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Chicken farm layout

Apr 03 , 2018


Consider the environment of the place.

Keep chicken as far as possible from feed dust, fecal odor and other waste pollution. Ensure that the chicken house will not be polluted by pollution sources.

1.Partition planning principles

(1). The terrain and wind direction meet the requirements of epidemic prevention conditions, and houses are arranged in the order of humans, chickens and sewage.

(2). When the terrain and wind direction are inconsistent in the wind direction, the wind direction is the main factor.

(3). The feed, egg, and fecal sites should be close to the production area, but not in the production area, because the three have frequent contact with off-site.

2.Chicken house spacing

Take precautionary measures, sewage discharge, and fire prevention in three areas.

It should generally be 3 to 5 times the height of the house. What needs to be emphasized is that the distance between chicken houses is mainly to meet the requirements for epidemic prevention. If the whole field full-entry and out-of-house system can be adopted, the distance between chicken houses can also be reduced.

3. The chicken house faces

It is related to the environmental effects of lighting, insulation and ventilation in the chicken house, mainly to sunlight.

Sunlight can affect the light; solar radiation affects the temperature of the house; The dominant wind direction has an impact on the treatment of the farm's sewage, the ventilation effect of the house, and the temperature inside the house.


Sunlight promotes the growth of chicks,improve the egg production rate. Sunlight has a good bactericidal effect and is an effective bactericide for environmental purification in chicken farms.

When you need to avoid light, you can darken the windows.

(2) Ventilation effect

When the length of the house is parallel to the prevailing wind direction, the airflow uniformity of the house is strengthened and the stagnation area is reduced. When the wind direction angle is 45 degrees, the detention area is the smallest and the ventilation effect is the best.

(3) Sewage

When the house is parallel to the prevailing wind direction, the effect of the sewage discharge is best.

In summary, from the analysis of the dominant wind direction,If the ventilation requirements of the house are required, a 30-45 degree angle should be used; From the requirements of sewage discharge, the direction of the house should be set at an angle of 30-60 degrees from the prevailing wind direction of the year to avoid zero wind direction incident angle.

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