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Method for disinfecting chicken farms

Apr 03 , 2018

1. Clean up the chicken house

After the chickens are eliminated, the chicken house must be cleaned as soon as possible. This will lay a good foundation for the disinfection effect of the coop. Allow sufficient time for fumigation and disinfection. Clean up and clean within 3 days after slaughter. All the equipment should be moved outside , should be brushed with chlorine-containing disinfectant.

2. Disinfection of the chicken house

Clean up everything and feces thoroughly out of the house. For chicken cages, scrubbing, wiping, scraping, and sweeping should be carefully done with strong disinfectants that have strong detergency. The cement floor should be flushed by the high-pressure pump, and the disinfectant with strong detergency must also be used for flushing.

Method for disinfecting chicken farms  Method for disinfecting chicken farms

3. Replacement of the chicken farm ground

The 3 cm depth of surface soil inside the house should be removed and replaced with new soil. The cleaning, cleaning and grilling of the chicken house should be carried out from the top to the bottom to avoid recontamination after cleaning. This step will determine the effectiveness of the first house disinfection.

4. Chemical disinfection of empty houses

After cleaning and cleaning the chicken house, the surface of the breeding room, the floor of the chicken farm and the ground within 5 meters of the house should be sprayed and disinfected with 3% sodium hydroxide solution. Note that sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive and irritating. Avoid damage to equipment and personal injury. When disinfecting with sodium hydroxide, the walls and the ground must be dry. If they are not dried. The disinfectant will be diluted or neutralized by the residual liquid, thus affecting the disinfection effect.

5. Fumigation of empty chicken houses

After cleaning and disinfection, put the device back into the chicken house and close the window. In the first 4 to 5 days of fumigation and disinfection,

(1) Fumigation with formalin and potassium permanganate, using 40 ml formalin and 20 g potassium permanganate per cubic meter.

(2) Spray with liquid formaldehyde, 1 kg of formaldehyde to 9 kg of water, with an amount of 18 ml of formaldehyde solution per cubic meter

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